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Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen

Logiciel Chacal Ix

chacal ix is a powerful tool to ensure your projects are carried out correctly, methodically and accurately. you can start your estimate by selecting the order, document or product you want to consult.

logiciel chacal ix

chacal ix is based on the platform and, as such, has already been designed in such a way as to make the most of the future. the interface is fully responsive and will adapt to any size screen. a complete end-to-end solution for your business.

first of all, chacal ix can be used to search, catalogue, sort, classify and identify any type of information in your inventory. in short, it is perfect for everything related to products and their production. however, chacal ix is more than just an inventory system. it is also an automatic order system and, in particular, a cad system for the production of furniture and interior fittings. it can also be used to create your drawings, complete the fabrication of your products, carry out the accounting and generate your invoices.

in other words, the whole operation of chacal ix will be controlled by you and automatically updated in real time. you will therefore be able to access all your data from anywhere in the world and, if you like, collaborate with other people. you will also be able to plan, estimate and manage your orders in an easy, user-friendly manner, thanks to chacal ixs analysis and optimisation tools.

the chacal ix software is compatible with all 3d cad software and can work with the most commonly used 2d cad programs such as autocad, inventor, designspark, archicad, inventor, planmaker, v-ray, visualize, 3d max, blender, sketchup and rhinoceros. it will also work with paracad, rhino, cerius, fusion 360, pro/engineer, solidworks, poweriso, mcad, coreldraw, freecad and even with the 2d cad program of your choice. it will even work with the 2d cad programs that are already included on a computer, which makes it truly universal.


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