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August Lazarev
August Lazarev

The Hunt For Red October(1990)

In this single shot, The Hunt for Red October presents the stakes as those of the struggle between an individual and the vast and powerful forces that threaten to swallow him. These forces have dogged Ryan from the beginning. They are personal in some cases, from the dismissal of the leaders he briefs about Ramius to the doubts of the admirals and commanding officers he meets in his hunt for the elusive submarine. The opposing forces are also existential. It is no coincidence that the missile tubes looming around Ryan are deep red, uniform, and so numerous that they fade into obscurity in the distance. The image is elegant and indelible. Here are the missiles that threaten the East Coast of the United States, and here, too, is an abstracted image of communist Soviet Russia as the United States sees it. The missiles crowd all else out, leaving room only for conformity, and a threat of death to anyone who dares challenge their power.

The Hunt for Red October(1990)

The Russian Navy is sent after him, not wanting the submarine to fall in America's hands. Meanwhile, the United States military believes he is a rogue officer bent on starting World War III. The Red October now has the world's two largest navy's hunting her, with the intent of sending her to the bottom of the Atlantic.

I agree with Eric that Alec Baldwin makes a better Jack Ryan than Harrison Ford. Ford is such an iconic action hero that he never seems convincingly in over his head and he doesn't project the same level of nerdy intelligence that Baldwin does so effortlessly. Baldwin really shines in the scene at the end where he is alone hunting the Russian bent on destroying the nuclear sub. He is clearly scared shitless but he is also determined to save himself and everyone else aboard the sub. Bravery, after all, isn't about not being afraid, it's about facing down your fear and doing whatever needs to be done. His line of incredulity when he realizes the guy is the cook is delivered perfectly and brings an unexpected moment of levity to an extremely tense situation. 041b061a72


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