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Diablo Immortal: What You Need to Know Before You Download the Massive Mobile Game

Diablo Immortal: A Huge Download for a Huge Adventure

If you are a fan of the Diablo franchise, you might have heard of Diablo Immortal, the latest entry in the series that is coming to both mobile and PC on June 2, 2022. But before you dive into the world of Sanctuary and slay demons, you might want to know how big is Diablo Immortal and why it requires so much space on your device. In this article, we will answer these questions and more, and help you prepare for this epic adventure.

What is Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal is a mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Action RPG (MMOARPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment in partnership with NetEase. It is a new chapter in the Diablo saga that takes place between Diablo II and Diablo III, and features six iconic classes, new zones and dungeons, new enemies and bosses, and a rich story that expands the lore of the series.

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A new chapter in the Diablo saga

The story of Diablo Immortal begins after the events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, when the Archangel Tyrael shattered the Worldstone to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Prime Evil Baal. However, this act had unforeseen consequences, as fragments of the corrupted Worldstone scattered across the land, tainting it with dark power. Diablo's minions hope to harness this power to bring about his return, while humanity is left to deal with the aftermath of Tyrael's actions.

As a hero of Sanctuary, you will join forces with other players to explore perilous regions, uncover ancient secrets, and fight against evil. You will also encounter familiar faces from the franchise, such as Deckard Cain, Leah, Adria, Zoltun Kulle, and more.

A massively multiplayer online action RPG

Diablo Immortal is not just a single-player game. It is also a massively multiplayer online game that lets you interact with other players from all over the world. You can team up with them to take on challenging dungeons, participate in dynamic events, join guilds, trade items, chat with them, and more. You can also compete with them in PvP modes, such as Battlegrounds and Cycle of Strife.

Diablo Immortal also offers a ton of gameplay options for different play styles. You can choose from six classes: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard. Each class has its own unique skills, abilities, and gear. You can customize your character with skill modifiers, legendary items, gems, runes, charms, crests, paragon levels, and more. You can also unlock new features as you progress through the game, such as Elder Rifts, Helliquary Keys, Challenge Rifts, Raids, Dark Zones, Bounty Hunts, and more.

A cross-platform game for mobile and PC

One of the most exciting features of Diablo Immortal is that it is a cross-platform game that supports both mobile devices and PC. This means that you can play the game on your preferred platform without compromising on quality or performance. The game features stunning graphics and sound that immerse you in the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary. The game also has intuitive controls that let you move and attack with ease.

To play Diablo Immortal on different platforms, you will need a account. This will allow you to sync your progress across devices and access your characters anytime, anywhere. You will also be able to play with other players regardless of their platform.

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