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Buy Free VERIFIED Weight Set

By using high-quality, low-odor rubber and chrome plating, REP Fitness provides quality to a product that is built to last. The lifetime warranty for home use and free shipping serves to sweeten the pot for these rubber hex dumbbells.

buy free weight set

There's nothing quite like the feel of a traditional hex dumbbell. So, If you're looking for something a little more on par with the dumbbell sets you'd find at your local gym, REP Fitness has plenty of options. You can choose from 2.5 to 100-pound rubber-coated dumbbells with straight, chrome, fully-knurled grips. Simply select your weight range or choose from one of REP's five complete sets. These dumbbells are on the more expensive side but come with a lifetime warranty for home use, meaning you can feel confident in the durability of your purchase.

Have you ever fantasized about being able to adjust your weight with just a few words? The NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled Dumbbells can connect to Alexa and adjust the weight when voice-activated. Otherwise, you can easily adjust the weights using the digital selection knob; located in the included tray. This tray houses your weights and has an integrated tablet holder for workouts in smaller spaces. The rectangular shape of the weight may take some getting used to, but the wide range of weight options (from 5-50 pounds) that you can quickly switch between and the knurled handles make it all worth it.

A 30-day iFIT membership is included with this weight set as well, so you'll have access to their library of workouts. Another excellent feature of the NordicTrack iSelect is the ability to save 15 preset techniques to switch between your preferred weight for different exercises. These weights are pretty costly, but they feel like the adjustable dumbbells of the future.

We're constantly repping REP Fitness because they make solid strength equipment that would be a welcome addition to any home gym setup. These dumbbells have cast-iron plates that you can switch on and off to change the weight. A knurled connector piece is included to attach the dumbbells, which makes for an overall more versatile piece of equipment.

It can be intimidating to try something new, especially strength training. So, having a weight set that can advance with you makes it fun for beginners to get more comfortable with strength training. That's why we recommend the NordicTrack 25 lb. Select-a-Weight Dumbbells. This set is just as dynamic as the 55 lb. version, with a smaller weight range of 5 to 25 pounds for dumbbell newbies. With these NordicTrack adjustable dumbbells, You can also utilize the 30-day iFIT trial membership and put together targeted workouts with elite trainers to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

No one wants to worry about losing momentum during a workout by taking a lot of time changing the weight on adjustable dumbbells. With the lightning-fast ProForm Rapid Strike Adjustable Dumbbell Set, you can rest assured that you will never run the risk of cooling down because you're fiddling with hard-to-use pins and locking systems that are often associated with adjustable dumbbells. The Rapid Strike dumbbell is not only fast but is also made from durable steel that looks sleek and strong.

We like that these dumbbells have ergonomic textured hand grips and the ability to easily go from 10 to 50 pounds using the Rapid Weight Selector. This also makes them easy to use if you are performing a partner workout and are not using the same amount of weight. Portable cradles come included for both dumbbells. It is worth noting that this pair of dumbbells also have the ability to integrate with the iFIT app. Due to the quality construction, these are still relatively expensive dumbbells. However, compared to other models, they are on the more affordable side.

Dumbbells usually cost $1.50-2.00 per pound. For example, if a set of 12-pound dumbbells at $2.00 per pound would cost you $48, or $24 per dumbbell. Price varies depending on material, durability, and weight.

This multi-purpose barbell is the jack of all trades with dual powerlifting and weightlifting knurling for seamless movement between exercises, like power cleans and bench press, for example. It comes with a host of features and threatens to dethrone the longstanding top dogs in the barbell game. This bar offers perks like a 215,000 PSI rating, bronze bushings, and present but not aggressive knurling.

The weight tolerance is a bit wider than some other, more expensive plates at +/- one percent where other plates may measure their tolerance in the gram. For the price though, the quality of these plates is practically unbeatable. In addition to the pairs you can also purchase sets of these ranging from 160 pounds to 1,000 pounds.

Hand-made from synthetic leather, these balls have an even weight distribution, and their double-stitched, reinforced seams maximize durability. You can purchase these medicine balls in weights of four, six, eight, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 25, and 30 pounds, and the weights are stitched onto the surface, so they won't wear over time.

There are many ways for a person interested in a home gym set-up to fill out the list of equipment they plan to use. A lot of this will depend on the budget of the shopper. Those hoping to get one pair of dozens of different weights should expect to spend a pretty penny. Additionally, those looking for a complete set of weights might opt for an adjustable weight. These may cost more in aggregate than pairs of individual weights, but offer many more options for different types of exercise programs. Regardless of budget, there are plenty of options for free weights that can fit into most spending plans. Only pieces of equipment that are cost-effective or provide a high value made their way onto this list.

Free weights are such a wide category that their price is nearly impossible to nail down. You can purchase a small pair of dumbbells for under $20, or you can splurge and buy an entire home gym setup with a power rack, weights, bar, and more for thousands of dollars.

One of the biggest considerations to make before purchasing free weights is to identify the actual workouts you plan on doing. If you are hoping to use the free weights for physical therapy, rehabilitation from an injury or movement-based aerobic or barre exercises, smaller weights like dumbbells might be the route to take. If interested in gaining muscle mass or training for a sport, look out for weight types like barbells and weight plates that have heavier options available to purchase.

Alternatively, people who are looking to create a home gym that allows them the widest range of exercise choices may splurge on several weight pairings, weight sets, or adjustable dumbbells. Having a set around for emergencies or boredom is not a bad idea, but figuring out which weight set you are most likely to use is a decision you will have to make.

People who will only be using the weights for a specific purpose, like physical therapy, barre, or while running, may only need one or two weights. Those hoping to use different weights based on the different strength-training exercises may find it beneficial to have a wide range of implements at their disposal. Consider your overall training picture and make a decision based on your realistic expectations.

First, the price of free weights is typically much lower than the price of a machine. A second reason is versatility. Most machines have only one (at most, a few) function, but free weights have many functions. There are more reasons why you might use free weights vs. machines, but these two are pretty compelling in their own right.

I have been using a set of adjustable dumbbells for the past 15 years. They get the job done, but I was looking for something heavier with a dynamic profile. After MUCH research, I decided on the Nüobell 80lb set. These things are awesome. Adjustment is easy. Use is quiet. Weight plates feel very secure while in use. One of the best features for me is that they are only a long as they need to be for the weight selected (my last set was maximum length if you selected 5lb or 50lb). I got the two-legged stand for them as well...a must have! Highly recommended! :)

The Bowflex's textured rubber handles are more comfortable than their metal counterparts, and its 15 weight options between two and 24kg (selected using dials on both ends of the dumbbell) provide plenty of scope for your training.

These Northdeer dumbbells were different to anything else we tested, with the weight plates themselves having built-in screws and screw holes. These are used to attach them together, with the weight maxing out at 25kg.

There are only four different weight settings, starting at 12kg (a bit heavy for isolation moves like lateral raises). But the weights fix soundly into place, making these dumbbells suitable for more dynamic movements like snatches.

Mirafit saw no need to reinvent the wheel with these traditional spinlock dumbbells. They come with a selection of hardy cast iron weight plates that can be combined to achieve an array of different loads.

The rubber knurling (the grooves on the handle of a weight that give you more grip) feels a bit cheap compared to its metal competitors, and the long shape can be a bit clumsy when curling. But most movements were unaffected, making this a handy (and affordable) training tool.

Packing a maximum weight of 36kg per dumbbell, this heavy-duty set means business. Switching weights is as straightforward as unlocking the stack, adjusting the pin boxes to your desired weight, and securing the lock into place. 041b061a72


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