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All The Right Moves(1983)

A younger, different looking Tom Cruise (old jaw/nose?) stars in this movie about a high school student aching to leave his dying steel mill town and study to be an engineer on a football scholarship. He watches his best friend, also on the team, marry his pregnant girlfriend; another member of the football team is arrested for armed robbery; his brother gets laid off from the mill; and his girlfriend (a young, fresh Lea Thompson) complains that no one gives music scholarships, just football ones, and she's going to be stuck in the town. After turning down initial scholarship offers to middle of the road schools, Cruise finds himself blackballed after an incident at his coach's house with which he was only peripherally involved. Off the team, and with the word out that he has an "attitude problem," he sees his dreams turning to dust.Craig T. Nelson plays the coach and does his usual fine job, and Lea Thompson is a vibrant, passionate Lisa. Cruise here gives a truer performance than usual - I usually find him a very external and not terribly believable actor. In "All The Right Moves," he's sympathetic and heartfelt. I much prefer this to the perfectly handsome, glossy figure he is today. Time to get back to basics, Tom, and get some of those right moves back.

All the Right Moves(1983)

OK, so there have been many movies about someone struggling against seemingly insurmountable odds to make something of him/herself. In this case, Tom Cruise plays a Pennsylvania teenager hoping to get a football scholarship. He does a respectable job with the role, considering that it's really nothing that we haven't seen before. What makes this movie really good is that it shows how the company that employs the men in town is laying everyone off, so people are having to look for opportunities elsewhere.All in all, this is a pretty good movie. I've always thought that Tom Cruise was better in his earlier roles than in his later ones. Also starring Craig T. Nelson, Lea Thompson and Chris Penn.I have to admit that I learned about "All the Right Moves" from "Scream". You may recall the line about pausing the movie just right, and what you can see as a result.

If you like old Tom Cruise movies (think Risky Business, Top Gun, Cocktail etc.) then this one might be right up your alley. This predates all those movies. Somehow I'd never heard of it and then randomly came across it a while back. It's not exactly old school Cruiser, but it ticks aa lot of coming of age / high school angst / fight against the odds boxes.

Remember the bit in Scream where Tatum says of this film "if you freeze it just right you can see his penis"? Well, she's right - you can! (It's in the love scene right after the girl plays sax in the street.) Keep in mind that it's a body double, not Tom Cruise, though.

After lunch the rest of the guests leave, but you decide to stick around. The three of us watch the first episode of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, and I put my hand on your right knee, only to have you immediately brush it off and move beyond my reach. The rest of the afternoon is spent planning what to do and where to go that evening, and I am distracted by the mounting realisation that this trip may have been a mistake. We decide to head to a brewery and then on to a gay party at The Sugar Factory, a nightclub at a fancy hotel later that evening. In an attempt to play Cupid, our mutual friend suggests that you spend the night at his place so that three of us can go out together again the day after. There is talk of swimming at the pool, or even heading out of the city for a long drive, but nothing is finalised., Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Box Office Mojo and IMDb are trademarks or registered trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy under which this service is provided to you.

Wearing smiles as bright as first place, the Broncos walked into the locker room Sunday after winning for the fifth consecutive time, and coach John Fox greeted each player at the entrance with a handshake.

Hot shot football player Tom Cruise butts heads with Great Santini-in-training Craig T. Nelson in All the Right Moves (1983), yet another story about the life lessons learned in high school. Gosh, looking like Tom Cruise and being a football star must cause a kid all sorts of trouble in high school, huh? Well, Tom's got to choose--a scholarship or doing the right thing and sticking to his guns. He can't have both. Or can he? And does it matter when we get to see Lea Thompson's lickables? 041b061a72


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