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August Lazarev
August Lazarev

Skyrim Facial Expressions Console EXCLUSIVE

All my characters in SSE have the angry/sad combat facial expression (scowl, clenched teeth, squinted eyes) permanently rather than when they are just in combat. At first my characters facial expressions reverted back to normal after combat, however they all eventually got stuck with this angry/sad face even after combat had ended (no red enemy icons on the HUD, combat music had stopped, I can face travel again, etc). Using the console command "showracemenu" does remove this facial expression and their face is back to normal but having to switch to the race menu after every combat encounter is getting tiresome. Also when loading a save the character begins with a normal facial expression even if their facial expression was angry/sad as I previously saved.

Skyrim Facial Expressions Console

Download File:

Tweaking the perfect avatar doesn't just consist of body morphs and textures, but facial expressions, as well. Show Your Emotion is a mod that gives players the option to change their facial expressions in order to display their current mood at any given time, which is a unique approach.

The mod creates an interface through which gamers can select particular facial expressions with a time limit of either 5, or 15 minutes attached to them, at which point it returns to normal. Photography buffs might find the greatest use for this, but immersion-driven players might appreciate what it offers, as well.


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