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Where To Buy Wellness Mats !!TOP!!

This product is made of 100% polypropylene pile so they are durable and can withstand daily wear and tear. These mats also feature a backing made of latex that is skid-resistant, preventing accidental slipping. You can machine wash these mats. Give your house that timeless appeal with their easy to care formats. These mats are of superior quality.

where to buy wellness mats

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Anti-fatigue cushioning construction promotes better posture, circulation, and muscle conditioning while cooking. Durable high-quality PVC construction is durable and long-lasting. This mat can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, your laundry room, or even under your desk for enhanced comfort when working. Built-in fade and slip-resistant covering with skid-resistant backing make cleaning easy while providing protection to your mat.

Medically proven and ergonomically constructed, these revolutionary anti-fatigue kitchen mats improve overall health and encourage muscle conditioning and better posture. They also promote proper circulation, decrease back stress and fatigue by displacing and suspending your body weight on the mats and offer supreme comfort, safety, relief and support wherever you stand.

The WellnessMats are better than any competitive product like gel mats or foam mats as they are made of polyurethane which is the gold standard of anti-fatigue. Hence it is more resilient than any other product in the market, providing exceptional value over time.

These mats do not move around as they have a non-skid bottom. This mat also prevents slips and falls with its slip resistant top-surface and a 20-degree ADA-compliant beveled edge which is guaranteed to never roll up or de-laminate.

These kitchen mats are environmentally friendly products as they are 100% recyclable. This means that at the end of its life, which will be more than 7 years, these products can be up-cycled to create other valuable products which will require fewer resources, less energy and virtually no waste.

The Maxum Dual Performance Series anti-fatigue floor mats offer additional grip support for especially slippery floors in smaller areas or on commercial carpeting. Made of 100% polyurethane, this non-slip floor mat features a Dual Gripper system that secures the mat in place, reducing the risks associated with mats that slip and slide on the surface of the floor. These high quality on-slip anti-fatigue floor mats make standing more comfortable by reducing back, neck, leg and foot fatigue that is commonly associated with long-term standing.

The Maxum Dual Performance Series offers additional grip support for especially slippery floors in smaller areas or on commercial carpeting. 100% Made in America, this non-slip floor mat features the same benefits as the original Maxum, the Dual Gripper system secures the mat in place, reducing the risks associated with mats that slip and slide on the surface of the floor. Available in Black, Black/yellow borders

A: These urethane mats are recommended for dry areas, but they are completely encapsulated making it easy to clean with mild detergent and water. Getting the mat wet will not hurt the mat. It is not made for consistently wet areas.

Say hello to comfort and goodbye to back, knee, and foot pain. These revolutionary anti-fatigue floor mats are ergonomically engineered and medically proven to provide unsurpassed comfort, safety, relief, and support while you stand, wherever you stand. WellnessMats comprehensive 20-year performance warranty guarantees it. (Designs and colors vary)

We have been successfully addressing the ergonomic concerns of many commercial industries wherever people stand. Widely advocated for by health care professionals. After innovating in the hospitality, industrial, medical, and spa industries. We knew our mats would address and relieve the largest concerns in the fitness industry while never compromising our promise to be 100% made in the USA.

I am done buying cheap mats that crumble under the slightest movement. This is easy to move when needed, but heavy enough that it doesn't slip while being used. It is perfectly soft for any activity where the wrists, elbows, or knees need to bear weight, and it is easy to wipe clean, not like textured mats that get filthy. I love it!

Wellnessmats ergo mat Trellis Estates collection is a popular floor mat choice for every member of the family. Adding a hint of age and sophistication with its smooth surface and elegant design. A kitchen rug that provides padded support to feel more comfortable and relax while working in the kitchen or any other room in the house. Available in different colors.

Garage Tools Storage offers the best quality products for the lowest prices possible. Our collection of ergonomic floor mats is another example of that. WellnessMats is the original ergo mat brand and they continue to be a leader in the field of floor mats for the kitchen, garage, home office or any other room in the house where an anti-fatigue mat could serve to take the pressure off of your feet and legs. We take pride in having the highest customer satisfaction ratings. We are an American company and you can rest assured that your purchase from our site supports other hardworking Americans just like you.

Our WellnessMats will dramatically reduce body fatigue associated with standing for long periods. The mats are designed to support your body weight, and significantly reduce joint strain while promoting better posture and circulation.

Wellnesmats Pet Mat is an anti-fatigue mat providing a healthier and safer alternative to a traditional dog bed. A soft floor mat with stable structure contours to the body, providing neuro-skeleton support to evenly distribute weight and reduce impact with immediate recovery and bounce back. It is also an easy-to-clean ergo mat.

Wellness Mats are unlike any other in providing constant, cushioned support under your feet. The soft, smooth surface reduces muscle and joint fatigue as well as stress on the lower extremities. The beveled edges will never curl, preventing a tripping hazard. The proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology provides a "one piece construction". The mats will never delaminate because they are not made of different materials fused together.

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