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Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen

Splice Sounds Noizu Sample Pack Vol. 1 [WAV] [NEW]

This pack contains all you need for this genre. All sounds are inspired by the biggest Tech House Labels and the trending Tech House sound at the moment. In a total of 278 files, you will find vocals, drum loops & one-shots, bass loops, kicks, percussions, FX, and fills already processed in an incredible way to fit into your track. All of the samples are BPM, key, and category labeled to ease the searching for that one sound. This pack has been made by Function Loops and ready to add the groove your tracks need.

Splice Sounds Noizu Sample Pack Vol. 1 [WAV]

Fundamental Tech House holds a collection of amazing sounds identifying the ever-evolving sound of Tech House. Including vocals, percussions, synth loops, drum hits, one-shots, and gritty basslines not only for the modern Tech House genre but also for the groovy side due to the funky vocals. From underground to mainstream Tech House can be easily made with these samples. Included within are 290 samples.

Caravaca has shared the stage with artists like Dixon, Marco Carola, Solomun, Luciano, Black Coffee, Loco Dice, and the Martinez Brothers. His tech-house supremacy is quite evident in his third sample pack. His records have been published on record labels such as Flashmob, Lapsus Records & Great Stuff. He has combined those self-crafted samples in this sample pack. Included within are acid grooves, bass loops, Detroit-ish chords, big room beats, spoken words, atmosphere, and FX. Tech House Sessions 3 is a truly raw, underground catalog of sounds.

For his Splice sample pack, he went analog-heavy, using vintage instruments, mic pres, and amplifiers. He crafted these sounds to have a lot of distinctive character, but also be varied so they could be used for building full songs and beats rather than just bars or loops.

She draws inspiration from Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, St. Vincent, and Sufjan Stevens. In her Splice sample pack, find affected vocals, hooks, bass, drums, and tonal qualities, as well as cello textures, one-shots, and loops.

Where do you guys get your kicks? I use splice often, if any specific packs have good kicks that would be helpful. Looking for something I can use with a bass that sounds similar to you little beauty by fisher. The kick needs lots of punch to begin with. 041b061a72


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