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Murder 3 Full Movie In Hindi Download Hd: Watch Online or Offline the Thriller of the Year

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- H1: Murder 3 Full Movie In Hindi Download Hd: A Thrilling and Romantic Mystery - H2: What is Murder 3 about? - H3: The plot summary - H3: The cast and crew - H2: How to watch Murder 3 online? - H3: The legal streaming options - H3: The illegal download options - H2: What are the reviews of Murder 3? - H3: The critical reception - H3: The audience reaction - H2: What are some interesting facts about Murder 3? - H3: The remake of a Colombian film - H3: The directorial debut of Vishesh Bhatt - H3: The box office performance - H2: Conclusion - H2: FAQs

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Murder 3 Full Movie In Hindi Download Hd: A Thrilling and Romantic Mystery

If you are looking for a movie that combines suspense, romance, and drama, you might want to check out Murder 3. This is the third installment in the popular Murder series, which is known for its bold and erotic themes. Murder 3 is a remake of a Colombian film called The Hidden Face, and it stars Randeep Hooda, Aditi Rao Hydari, and Sara Loren in the lead roles. In this article, we will tell you what Murder 3 is about, how to watch it online, what are the reviews of it, and what are some interesting facts about it.

Murder 3 Full Movie In Hindi Download Hd

What is Murder 3 about?

Murder 3 is a psychological thriller that revolves around a fashion photographer who becomes the prime suspect in a missing person's case. He finds himself entangled in a web of secrets, lies, and deception as he tries to unravel the truth behind the mysterious disappearance.

The plot summary

The film opens with Vikram (Randeep Hooda), a hot-shot fashion and wildlife photographer, viewing a video of his girlfriend, Roshni (Aditi Rao Hydari) telling him she is leaving him. Vikram becomes distraught. While drinking away his sorrows at a bar, he meets Nisha (Sara Loren) and they have a relationship where Nisha moves into the house that Vikram was sharing with Roshni.

Vikram becomes a suspect in the disappearance of Roshni, however, the investigators can find no evidence of Vikram's involvement in Roshni's disappearance. It is revealed that the house is owned by a British lady who shows Roshni a secret room built to hide her husband just in case someone came to look for him because he was in British Army at the time of 1947. The room is self-contained and has one-way mirrors where Roshni can observe Vikram's reaction.

In a flashback, it is also shown that Roshni, jealous of Vikram's relationship with one of his colleague, decided to pretend she is leaving him. She creates the video saying she is leaving as she hides in the secret room. When she decides he has had enough she looks for the key and realises she lost the key and is now trapped in the room with no way to contact him.

Nisha finds the key to the secret room, but she does not know what it is used for. Nisha eventually figures out that Roshni is trapped in the house because Roshni is able to communicate through tapping on the pipes in the secret room. Nisha decides to keep Roshni trapped and take over her life with Vikram. She also tries to kill Roshni by cutting off the electricity and water supply to the secret room. However, Roshni manages to survive by drinking rainwater and eating rats.

Meanwhile, Vikram starts to feel guilty about Roshni and tries to find her. He also becomes suspicious of Nisha's behaviour and discovers the secret room. He rescues Roshni and confronts Nisha, who confesses that she was jealous of Roshni and wanted to have Vikram for herself. Nisha tries to shoot Vikram, but Roshni intervenes and gets shot instead. Vikram rushes Roshni to the hospital, where she recovers. Nisha is arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping.

The film ends with Vikram and Roshni reconciling and living happily together.

The cast and crew

Murder 3 is directed by Vishesh Bhatt, who is the son of Mukesh Bhatt and the nephew of Mahesh Bhatt, the producers of the film. The film is written by Mahesh Bhatt and Amit Masurkar, based on the original screenplay by Hatem Khraiche Ruiz-Zorilla. The music is composed by Pritam, Anupam Amod, and Roxen (band). The cinematography is done by Sunil Patel and the editing is done by Devendra Murdeshwar.

The film features Randeep Hooda as Vikram, a successful photographer who falls in love with two women. Hooda is known for his roles in films like Highway, Sarbjit, and Extraction. Aditi Rao Hydari plays Roshni, Vikram's girlfriend who goes missing after a fight. Hydari is known for her roles in films like Delhi 6, Rockstar, and Padmaavat. Sara Loren plays Nisha, a waitress who becomes Vikram's lover and tries to kill Roshni. Loren is a Pakistani actress who made her Bollywood debut with Kajraare in 2010.

How to watch Murder 3 online?