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IFA Berlin 2016 €? Acer Press Conference NEW!

The Revo Base was unveiled today at the [email protected] press event at IFA in Germany, where the company announced a range of new devices and solutions for families, students and professionals. For more information, visit

IFA Berlin 2016 – Acer Press Conference


Acer has announced that they will be hosting a press conference on the 29th of August at IFA 2018. Given that Acer is primarily a computer company, we expect that its press conference will most likely center around laptop announcements, whether they be Windows-based laptops, gaming laptops, or perhaps new Chromebooks, or potentially new monitors aimed at gamers.

Ubergizmo was invited to attend the Global press conference in Rome which was held earlier this year in April. The event revealed some interesting products, such as Italian brand Radionovelli launching a high-end 4G radio, along with Sharp releasing its AQUOS 8K television.

No details are given about its availability or price, and we might not even see this before 2016, as what is available right now is just the prototype. Acer has also announced the Acer Predator 6 gaming smartphone alongside a few other devices at the press conference.

Acer's CEO, Jason Chen, showed off the Predator 6 gaming smartphone to the trade show's audience. It boasts a six-inch display and packs a 10-core processor from MediaTek. It's also got 4GB of RAM and an impressive 21-megapixel camera. To complete the gaming-focused features, the phone comes with four front-facing speakers and gives use a powerful haptic feedback system, which Acer says replicates the same kind of vibrations felt on game controllers. "This will dominate any games you throw at it," an Acer executive said on stage at the company's press conference.

Acer today unveiled its highly anticipated Predator gaming series in Malaysia with the introduction of eight new models. The company announced its gaming strategy at a global press conference in New York in April, followed by an official launch of this industry-leading portfolio of gaming devices in IFA Berlin in September.

I arrived in Berlin the day before the madness of press week started and covered a series of press conferences over the next few days: Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE and others. As well as press conferences, I visited many stands of brands more or less well known to the general public. There was a decent amount of mockodile to cover too. How could I not cover beautiful mockodile?

For the first couple of days I paired up with Peter Holden of Peter is a top chap with a sense of humour who also has a great in-depth knowledge of the tech industry. We survived an Uber Taxi ride with a maniac driver who was actively trying to crash the Prius we were in. Having survived that we then went on to cover more press conferences with significantly more adrenaline to burn off.

To sum up IFA and the surrounding press conferences and announcements: big tech companies have reached the point where they speak to the end users, often not needing the tech press as much as they needed to. Just looking at Huawei and Samsung's events, the highlights were a selfie masterclass and watch bros on stage talking about emotions of watch design. The advent of the fashion blogger or instagram celebrity on the tech scene is here. Maybe that's why they invite me to these events: I'll find a mockodile angle on anything shiny.


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