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Futari Wa Precure: Max Heart - Episode 5

Nagisa and Honoka were going home from school, when Nagisa remembered previous episode events. Then Hikari caught up at them. They were going at the park, when Honoka saw Fujipi-senpai. He said, that he'll have a match this Saturday, because he is aiming to become a regular. Nagisa said, that she'll come cheer him. Then fixed, that all of them will come. He thanked, and went away. Nagisa was worried about what should she do. Later, at her room, Nagisa was thinking what to do, how can she cheer him on, and Pyuan (Heartiel from previuos episode) got impressed by that. Seekun told, that Pyuan is very sensitive to pure hearts. Mepple started laughing, saying, that Nagisa is always like that about Fujipi-senpai, and in the end she still says nothing to him. Then Nagisa started pulling Mepple's face for these words. Next day at school, Nagisa said to Honoka and Hikari about her idea to make a flag to cheer him. Honoka offered to help, but Nagisa said, that she wants to do it alone. Hikari asked, what happened to her, and Mepple said, that she has a crush on him. Nagisa started threaten Mepple, and later denied, that she likes him. Later, at the cafe, Hikari wondered what does "liking someone" means, and Queen's voice from Chairect explained, that it's a pure feeling. In the evening, Nagisa tried creating design for a flag, but redone it 10 times, because she can't paint good. Pyuan, Seekun and Mepple were talking loudly, and she snapped, because she can't focus. Meanwhile, in the Mansion of Darkness, the boy in the mansion was playing with a new toy - a hellicopter, while Circulas told Baldez about the Heartiels. Baldez destroyed all the candles and said for him to go and find out. Next day, Nagisa had done the flag and came to the game. Honoka asked her to show the flag for a bit, and she showed. The flag was a bit cocky (by Mepple), but Honoka said, that it's important, that she made the flag. It contains her feelings for Fujipi-senpai. Then Nagisa got shy and hid her flag. The match started. The rival team got the ball, and Honoka said, that maybe it is better for Nagisa to start cheering with the flag. Nagisa thought too, and saw Circulas. He was standing on a fence. Honoka and Hikari saw him too. Nagisa said for them to go away, so he won't do anything to the match. They headed outside, and saw Circulas standing on a statue outside. He asked them to give the Queen's life to him. The girls protected Hikari. Then he summoned a Zakenna on the statue. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. They started attacking Zakenna, when Circulas came to Hikari to battle her, she transformed to Luminous too. They fighted, and Zakenna caught Black and White. Circulas was about to battle Luminous, when Pyuan came in the way. Circulas caught Seekun and Pyuan, when Luminous used Heartiel Action. Seekun and Pyuan got free, but Circulas recovered from Heartiel Action. Then Black and White used Marble Screw Max, and defeated Zakenna. Then everyone returned to the game. It was the 2nd half already. Last minutes are going. Captain gave ball to Fujimura. He was about to kick, and Nagisa rolled out her flag. He was happy for Nagisa's flag, and scored the first goal. The game ended, and Verone high won. Later, Fujipi-senpai thanked Nagisa, because this flag really gave him strength.

Futari wa Precure: Max Heart - Episode 5

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The episode starts with Yuka-senpai being driven to school, and she asks her driver to take her to junior high instead of high school. The driver said, that in high school retreats start today, but she doesn't care. She said to herself, that something is missing, but she can't realise what this feeling means. Meanwhile, Nagisa is late at school. Akane-san came, and took Hikari with her. She talked to Yoshimi-sensei, because she felt bad leaving Hikari alone she took her together. Then finally Nagisa came. She noticed Hikari, and Honoka said, that she'll explain her on board. When she gets on the bus, she sees Yuka-senpai inside. Honoka said, that she requested to go together with science club. Nagisa said, that it's ok. The more the merrier, but was scolded by Akane-san, who said, that this is training camp not a playground. Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, the villains are worried about Baldez, because he didn't returned back. Uraganos said, that he'll go and find out, breaking the handhold. Circulas started shouting on him. Everyone came at the camp. Nagisa began her training by sepparating first-years from second and third years. Senpais were training to pass and catch a ball, while first-years were training how to use their crosses correctly. Akane-san said, that Nagisa is more like a captain now. While training them, Nagisa remembered previous battle, and got hitted by the ball. She saw Yuka-senpai standing and watching them. She offered her to come and play lacrosse, but she refused. Meanwhile, the science club girls were preparing to observe the sun, and Honoka with Yurika noticed, that Yuka-senpai is gone. Yuriko wondered, why did she came, because she belonged to so many clubs she barely showed her face. Then first-graders started talking about Yuka-senpai. Meanwhile, Yuka-senpai was walking through the kitchen, and heard some first-graders talking about her. They said, that she was awesome here, that she was in so many clubs. Other girl said, that she heard from her sister in high school, that she is still Madonna there. After the girls went away, she came to Hikari. Hikari said, that Nagisa talked a lot about her, saying, that she was a great senpai, that she gets all fired up when she's near and that she really likes her. Then yuka-senpai went away, saying it's too hot there. Meanwhile, Mipple and Mepple were sleeping and dreaming. Mipple and Mepple were in the Garden of Light, and were about to come to each other, when Zakenna appeared. Mepple took his sword to defend Mipple, but giant Porun stepped on him. In reality, Porun was waking up Mepple, because he wanted to play with someone. Back at the lacrosse field, Akane-san said, that Nagisa has improved a lot, and Nagisa said, that Akane-san's speed wasn't slower. Yuka-senpai was watching them, and couldn't get Hikari's words out of her head. Then lacrosse ball rolled near her, and she picked it up. Nagisa said, that she wants to play lacrosse after all. Someone lended her uniform, and she prepared to play. She was really good, even though it was her frst time. She and Nagisa started playing so much, that she even didn't noticed, that her hair got all messed up. Suddenly, everything became blurry, and Nagisa fainted. The doctor came, and said, that it was stress and lack of sleep. Honoka thought, that she was making the training schedule all night. Then a girl came and said, that dinner is ready. Honoka and Hikari decided to stay and watch over Nagisa. Yuka-senpai went to eat, but she had no appetite and left half of her food. Meanwhile, everyone were watching over Nagisa, and she started sleep-talking, wondering what to choose - Chocolate cake or Chocolate parfait. Then Yuka-senpai knocked, making Mipple and Mepple transform to their commune forms and Porun still in his real form to hide under her bed. Seekun flew over her bed. She came, and said, that she finished eating, and wants to change places. Honoka agreed, and she with Hikari left. She said, that when she entered high school she tried many things, but something was missing. Probably, because there wasn't anybody who stood up to her. While she was acting like Madonna, Nagisa acted naturally. She was jealous of her, and, inside her heart she just wanted to be herself, just like her. She came here, because she wanted Nagisa to cheer her. Then Porun said, that he's scared, making Mepple to calm him. Yuka-senpai got scared. Then Nagisa woke up, and Yuka-senpai thought it was her talking. Then all 3 mascots started talking again, saying, that they feel dark power. Yuka got scared. Nagisa said, that she didn't heared anything, pressing Porun's mouth with her foot. She opened the window, and the sky got dark. Yuka-senpai fell asleep, just like everyone else. Nagisa went outside and met Honoka and Hikari. She gave Honoka Mipple. They went outside, and Uraganos was standing there on a lamp. He asked, what have they done to Baldez, and the girls asked him to leave Garden of rainbows alone. He said, that he can't do that, because they are interested in Pretty Cure's power, and a lamp Uraganos was standing on broke down. He summonned Zakenna from the bus. Porun got scared and went to Hikari. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. They started attacking, but Zakenna punched them. Black said, that she'll show him their new power. She got her hand up, and shouted for bracelet to come. Nothing happened. Uraganos thought, that they tricked him, and made Zakenna attack them. Seekun came, and said for them to wish the power with their hearts. The girls wished it and the Garden of Rainbows listened to their pray. The field became all golden, and the girls received their bracelets. Then the girls used Marble Screw Max with the word Sparkle. Later, everyone were eating, when they missed Nagisa and Yuka-senpai. They both came arguing, with everyone staring at them. Later, Yuka-senpai left. Honoka said, that she probably came just to see Nagisa. She couldn't believe it. While going back, Yuka-senpai said, that she'll come back later to bother Nagisa again when she'll need some cheering.

Nagisa is going to school, and Fujipi-senpai catches her. He invites her to go to the new amusement park. Nagisa agreed, and he ran off, saying, that he'll give details later. Nagisa thinks, that it's probably a date. She is very disappointed, when her "date" comes - Honoka and Kimata also came with them. Then Kimata suggested them to go skating, and Honoka liked that idea. Nagisa didn't. Fujipi-senpai and Kimata were good at skating, Honoka too. Nagisa wasn't. She was about to give up, but Honoka encouraged her. Nagisa relaxed, and tried again. Putting one foot after another, easy, easy... And she skated! She started skating easilly, even letting go of the wall, but then she slipped, and started sliding without stopping. She was about to hit a wall, until Fujipi-senpai gracefully saved her. She thanked her, and slipped again, accidentally hugging him. Then Fujipi-senpai suggested to teach her the basics. Meanwhile, the boy in the mansion and the butler zakenna were decorating a christmas tree. Suddenly, the boy saw a vision of christmas tree and some bicycles, and shouted to watch out. Suddenly, Hikari, who was carrying a christmas tree to Tako cafe, stood up, and 2 kids with biked drived off. It was close. Hikari said, that she heard a voice. Neither Porun or Lulun didn't hear any voice. Butler Zakenna in the mansion asked the boy, what did he ment, and he told them to don't mind. At the same time, in the rink, Nagisa and Fujipi-senpai were trying to skate, and they were pretty good. Nagisa thought, that from far the might look like a couple, and slipped, but he caught her. Back at tako cafe, Hikari was decoating a christmas tree too, and Porun felt something. Then suddenly she saw the boy in the mansion on a christmas decoration, and he saw her. They got scared, and Baldez destroyed the decoration in both sides. Porun and Lulun were scared, and Porun said, that they should be with Nagisa and Honoka. Later, at the park, boys were playing table soccer, while Nagisa was thinking about how they practiced skating at the rink, and thought, that at that pace she might even confess to him. Then Honoka came, bringing her some ice cream. Nagisa was surprised at first, and Honoka asked, was she thinking about something, and she ate her ice cream in one bite. Then the Heartiel from previous episode came. She introduced herself as Lovelan, and was called by the love at this place. She straightly asked Nagisa, when will she confess to him. Nagisa tried denying it, but Lovelun said, that she'll find her own path. Then they decided to ride a ferris wheel. Nagisa and Fujipi-senpai got in, and the instructor closed the door. Honoka said, that it's 2 each. Nagisa couldn't believe it. But she just couldn't think of something to talk about, even though Honoka gave her that chance. Then Nagisa was about to confess to him, when he fell asleep. Mepple said, that he feels an evil presence, and Nagisa couldn't believe it happened again. Then Nagisa and Honoka got out of the wheel, and saw Zakenna from ice. The girls transformed to Pretty Cure. Then Hikari came. Zakenna shooted some ice from it's mouth, freezing Pretty Cures. Hikari transformed to Luminous. Then Uraganos came, getting Luminous cornered. Lulun changed to her true form, and asked to don't bully Luminous. Uraganos caught her, and said, that he'll crush her right now, when Lulun's light started to shine, and she gave Luminous Heartiel Brooch. Zakenna was about to attack her, when Luminous used her shield. In response, the boy in the mansion fired some strange wave, which blowed everything in that park away - both Pretty Cure with Luminous and the villains. Uraganos asked, what was that, and Baldez said, that it was a swell of darkness, and he knew it was from him. Uraganos was about to attack Luminous, and Black with White sttod in his way. That swell broke them free from the ice. They called Sparkle Bracelets, and used Marble Screw Max Sparkle. Uraganos tried blocking it, but failed. Then it defeated Zakenna. After that, Fujipi-senpai decided to bring something from yakisoba stand, and Nagisa decided to do it, as thanks for skating lessons, and ran. Fujipi-senpai thought, that it might be hard for her to carry 5 portions, and Kimata decided to help her, but Honoka said, that she'll go. Nagisa brought the snacks, and went after that to a high place. She said, how this day was wonderful and how she had great time with senpai. Her heart always beats faster after seeing him. She said, that she might not be able to say this right. Then she shouted, that she loves Fujipi-senpai. Honoka was near and hear everything. At first she was shocked, but she was happy, that Nagisa has so much courage. Then it started snowing. Nagisa headed back, and Honoka hid in bushes. When Nagisa returned, Fujipi-senpai asked, whad did she said, and Nagisa said, that she only wished Merry Christmas for them. He wished her too. 041b061a72


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