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Odoo 12: Download and Install in Minutes with This Simple Script

How to Download Odoo 12

Odoo is a popular open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software that offers a comprehensive suite of business applications for various industries. Odoo 12 is the latest version of Odoo that was released in October 2018. In this article, we will show you how to download Odoo 12 for Windows and Linux operating systems.

What is Odoo 12?

Odoo 12 is the twelfth major release of Odoo that comes with many new features and improvements. Some of the highlights of Odoo 12 are:

download odoo 12

Features and benefits of Odoo 12

  • A new document management module that allows you to share, organize, and manage your documents in Odoo.

  • A new IoT (internet of things) module that enables you to connect and control your IoT devices in Odoo.

  • A new multi-website support that lets you create and manage multiple websites with different themes and functionalities in Odoo.

  • A revamped accounting module that makes it easier to use and configure, and also adds new components such as importing vendor bills, using OCR, and bank reconciliation.

  • A new cohort view that helps you analyze retention or churn rates over time.

  • A new dynamic dashboard that provides you with various graphs, cohorts, and KPIs.

  • A new email digest that sends you periodic KPIs by email according to your preferences.

  • A new barcode app that allows you to process pickings faster and easier.

  • And many more...

Odoo 12 editions and versions

Odoo 12 has two editions: Community and Enterprise. The Community edition is free and open-source, while the Enterprise edition is paid and proprietary. The Enterprise edition has more features and modules than the Community edition, such as eSign, Studio, Helpdesk, etc. You can compare the features of both editions .

Odoo 12 also has different versions for different operating systems, such as Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, RPM, Docker, etc. You can download the official installers or sources for each version from .

How to download Odoo 12 for Windows

If you want to download Odoo 12 for Windows, you can follow these steps:

Downloading the installer file