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Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen

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This must have sounded un-fucking-believable in 1964. Hard to imagine how dangerous and dizzying those jagged power chords must have sounded back then: the first stirrings of punk, more than a decade early, and so hyped-up on teenage hormones it leaves a wet patch on your bed sheets.

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I have told everyone on the community that you're a piece of shit. You wanna know why I told that that you're a piece of shit? Its because I have known you for over a decade. You've always been a son of a fucking bitch scumbag. You know what? You've proved it. I told everybody! This is who you are, and you've proved it! Because you took no accountability for ghosting this fan. Absolutely none! You made a post on YouTube, saying: "Hey! There's miscommunication going on and there is a Drama going on! I tried holding it. I tried getting a timeslot!".

Bro, 3 days in a row went on. Ghosting this fucking fan. Not once, ANYWHERE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! On you're Twitter, on you're YouTube channel, on you're Instagram, everywhere. HAVE YOU SAID SORRY!!! NOT ONCE!!! ITS KEEMSTAR'S FAULT! IT'S THE MOM'S FAULT! ITS THE KID'S FAULT, FOR SLEEPING! ITS EVERYONE'S FAULT! But YOURS!!!

You have done exactly, what I knew you would do. You have proven me a THOUSAND percent right. When I said to the fucking community that you're a piece of shit. You've backed it up by every fucking tweet. By every YouTube post! But you've just blaming everyone. EXCEPT FOR YOURSELF!!! Because you're a piece of shit.

The latest project I'm working on is called cybeRRRevolution (or C3R for short) which I have been working on since the start of 2020. It's the convergence of a lot of themes and stories that I've been thinking of for a very long time. It's about imperialism, post-apocalypse, and what it's like to just meet weird guys when you have no fucking clue what to do with your life.

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