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D-Guard Center: A Complete Solution for Video Monitoring and Automation

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful software solution for video monitoring and automation, you should consider D-Guard Center. D-Guard Center is a product of Seventh, a company that develops systems used by the giants of the market. D-Guard Center allows you to connect and control various types of devices, such as IP cameras, stand-alone DVRs, PC-based DVRs, video servers, and automation modules. With D-Guard Center, you can remotely access, control, and manage your surveillance recordings, automate recording processes, enable motion detection, and search through images and videos. D-Guard Center is designed for Centrals of Monitoring that need to unify all their devices in a single platform of video monitoring, providing innovation, agility, and cost reduction.

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How to Download and Install D-Guard Center

You can download D-Guard Center from the Seventh website: You can choose the latest version of D-Guard Center for Windows 7 (32-bit) or other versions of D-Guard Projects and Situator. D-Guard Center is a demo software that requires a license to activate. You can contact Seventh for more information about the pricing and features of D-Guard Center. Before installing D-Guard Center, make sure you have a compatible device and a stable internet connection. You can also check the system requirements and the user manual on the Seventh website. After downloading the installer file (DGuardCenter.exe), run it and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

How to Use D-Guard Center for Video Monitoring and Automation

After installing and activating D-Guard Center, you can start using it to monitor and manage your devices. Here are some of the main features and functions of D-Guard Center:

  • Device Management: You can add, edit, delete, group, and configure your devices using the Device Manager. You can also view the status, location, and information of your devices on a map or a grid.

  • Live Monitoring: You can view live video streams from your devices on multiple monitors. You can also use features such as digital zoom, PTZ control, audio communication, snapshot capture, video recording, alarm notification, and event log.

  • Playback: You can search and play back recorded videos from your devices using various criteria, such as date, time, channel, event type, motion detection, etc. You can also export and backup your videos in different formats.

  • Automation: You can create automation rules to trigger actions based on events or schedules. For example, you can set up a rule to turn on a light when motion is detected or send an email when an alarm is triggered.

D-Guard Center is integrated with more than 8 thousand devices from different manufacturers and protocols such as ONVIF and RTSP. It also has an open API that allows integration with other software solutions. D-Guard Center offers features such as assisted entry, virtual patrol, alarm integration, status control, fisheye support, real-time streaming server, intelligence module, and more.

D-Guard Center is a comprehensive and versatile software solution for video monitoring and automation. It can help you improve your security, efficiency, and productivity by allowing you to monitor and manage your devices from anywhere. If you are looking for a reliable and powerful CMS/VMS system for your Centrals of Monitoring, you should consider D-Guard Center as an option.

How to Integrate and Connect D-Guard Center with Other Systems

D-Guard Center is a software solution that can integrate and connect with other systems and platforms to provide a more complete and efficient service. D-Guard Center can integrate and connect with: