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Asian Quarterly An International Journal Of Contemporary Issues

Asian Quarterly: An International Journal of Contemporary Issues

Asia is a vast and diverse continent that faces many challenges and opportunities in the 21st century. From economic development and political economy to social movements and environmental issues, Asia is at the forefront of global change and transformation. To understand the complexities and dynamics of contemporary Asia, it is essential to have a critical and interdisciplinary perspective that goes beyond mainstream views and conventional wisdom.

asian quarterly an international journal of contemporary issues

Asian Quarterly: An International Journal of Contemporary Issues is a peer-reviewed publication that aims to provide such a perspective. It publishes original research articles, book reviews, and commentaries that deal with the broad problems of economic, political and social development of Asia. It also seeks to promote the scientific development of theory that is of global significance, especially on the role of the state, class analysis, power and globalisation.

The journal was established in 2010 by the Institute of Advanced Studies in English, a research and academic institution based in Pune, India. It appears quarterly and has a wide readership among scholars, students, policy makers, activists, journalists, and general public interested in Asian affairs. The journal welcomes submissions from Asia-based researchers, those working in best traditions of critical political economy, and young researchers.

Some of the topics covered by the journal include:

  • Economic development issues, such as poverty, inequality, growth, trade, investment, industrialization, agriculture, planning, etc.

  • Political economy, such as state-society relations, democracy, authoritarianism, nationalism, imperialism and empire, international financial institutions, regional integration, etc.

  • Social development issues, such as gender, ethnicity, religion, culture, education, health, human rights, social movements, civil society, etc.

  • Environmental issues, such as climate change, natural resources, energy, pollution, biodiversity, etc.

  • Economic history of Asia

The journal also features special issues on timely and relevant themes related to contemporary Asian issues. Some of the recent special issues include:

  • Domestic and Comparative Perspectives on Contemporary Vietnam

  • The (New) Projectment Economy as a Higher Stage of Development of the Chinese Market Socialist Economy

  • From Partnership to Rivalry: China and the USA in the Early Twenty-First Century

  • The Parcelled State: A Political and Historical Framework for the Current Intra-State Crisis in Turkey

  • Vegetarianism, Meat and Modernity in India

If you are interested in submitting your article to Asian Quarterly: An International Journal of Contemporary Issues or subscribing to the journal,click here for more information.

Why Asian Quarterly is a Unique Journal

Asian Quarterly: An International Journal of Contemporary Issues is not just another academic journal on Asia. It is a unique journal that offers a critical and alternative perspective on contemporary Asian issues that is often missing or marginalized in mainstream publications. Here are some of the reasons why Asian Quarterly is a unique journal:

  • It is interdisciplinary. It covers a wide range of topics and disciplines that are relevant to understanding contemporary Asia. It does not confine itself to a single field or approach, but rather encourages cross-fertilization and dialogue among different perspectives and methods.

  • It is critical. It challenges the dominant paradigms and assumptions that often shape the analysis and representation of Asia. It exposes the power relations and interests that underlie the production and dissemination of knowledge on Asia. It also critiques the policies and practices that affect the lives and livelihoods of Asian people.

  • It is alternative. It provides a space for voices and views that are often silenced or ignored in mainstream publications. It showcases the diversity and complexity of Asian realities and experiences. It also highlights the agency and resistance of Asian people in shaping their own destinies.

  • It is global. It situates Asia in the context of global processes and structures that affect its development and transformation. It also examines the implications and impacts of Asian issues for the rest of the world. It fosters a global dialogue and solidarity among scholars, activists, and practitioners who are concerned with Asian affairs.

By being interdisciplinary, critical, alternative, and global, Asian Quarterly: An International Journal of Contemporary Issues contributes to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of contemporary Asia. It also serves as a platform for engaging with the pressing challenges and opportunities that Asia faces in the 21st century.


Asian Quarterly: An International Journal of Contemporary Issues is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about contemporary Asia. It provides a critical and alternative perspective that enriches the existing literature and debates on Asian issues. It also promotes a global dialogue and solidarity among scholars, activists, and practitioners who are concerned with Asian affairs. If you want to join this dialogue and contribute to this journal, please visit this link for more information on how to submit your article or subscribe to the journal. 6c859133af


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