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Tv Wall Mount Service Best Buy

We wanted to see if certain types or individual TV mount models were easier to install and use. To find out, we built a wall just like the ones in many houses: drywall over 2x4 framing, with the centers of the studs 16 inches apart. Then we bought a bunch of wall mounts in various styles, in prices from $35 to $350, and installed them using the included hardware. For our test TV, we used a 55-inch LG model that weighed just over 40 pounds. As it turned out, all of the models worked well.

tv wall mount service best buy


If the TV will be both higher than your seating position and off at an angle, consider a mount that can both tilt and swivel, such as the Sanus Advanced Tilt 4D TV Wall Mount, $170, shown above, which is available at Amazon and Best Buy. Models vary in terms of how far they can swivel. Depending on the range of motion, tilting models generally stick out a bit farther from the wall than fixed mounts.

In addition to those three types of mounts, you can find specialty versions designed for specific applications. For example, some let you mount your TV from a ceiling, while others might have two wall mounting plates for mounting the set in a corner. There are also mounts specifically designed for mounting a TV above a fireplace that allow the set to be lowered for viewing.

However, not everyone is comfortable with tackling this as a DIY project. Instead, you can get your TV professionally mounted. Prices vary, depending on the type of mount and how complicated the installation will be. Best Buy, Target, and Walmart offer installation using either their own staff members or an outside company. Prices start at about $70 to $100 for a very basic installation, but installing a mount on surfaces other than drywall (including brick, stone, or plaster), or mounting the TV above a fireplace, will cost more. 041b061a72


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