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Renters insurance helps protect you and your belongings if the unexpected happens. A landlord's insurance policy covers the building, but not your personal things. If you rent an apartment, condo, house, etc., you need renters insurance. Get a renters insurance quote today and we'll show you how to easily and affordably protect what you care about.


If you have a jewelry collection of items like engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond bracelets, etc., you may also need special coverage for these along with your renters insurance policy. If that's you, we can help you with a jewelry insurance policy for those valuables.

How much you pay for renters insurance depends on how much coverage you choose to buy and what deductibles you select. The good news is a renters insurance policy from GEICO can cost as little as $12 per month! Our personal property calculator can help you customize your renters insurance policy with what works for your situation. You can also create a virtual inventory list using our Personal Property Scanner in GEICO Mobile. Then, check out how much you can save on rental insurance with discounts! Our suggestions below may help you find the most affordable insurance for apartments, houses, and anywhere you may stay. Then, use our zipcode tracker to calculate your renters insurance quotes.

Renters looking to protect their stuff can rely on affordable renters insurance from Progressive, but coverage goes beyond your personal belongings. A renters insurance policy may also pay for medical bills if someone is injured due to an occurrence, or additional living expenses if your home is unlivable due to a covered loss. Get a renters insurance quote online today and see how easily you can obtain customized coverage from Progressive.

Renters insurance is designed to cover unexpected events, including theft of your personal property and injuries that you are liable for. When you get a renters insurance quote from Progressive, you can customize your coverage and limits.

You can buy renters insurance for less than $1/day.* Many components influence the cost of renters insurance, including your location and coverage limits. Learn more about renters insurance cost factors.

Your renters insurance policy typically won't cover damage due to flooding. However, your personal belongings may be covered if the water damage is sudden and accidental and not due to flooding. Learn more about flood insurance for renters.

With renters insurance, your belongings are protected whether they're in your apartment, backseat, or storage locker. Plus, if you can't stay in your residence due to a covered incident, we'll help pay for your temporary living expenses. Get covered today.

With renters insurance, your belongings are protected whether they're in your apartment, backseat, or storage locker. It will also help pay for your temporary living expenses if you can't stay in your residence due to a covered incident.

With both an auto and renters policy, you could earn a multi-policy discount.Δ Plus, you'll enjoy the convenience of having both policies under the same roof. Quote now to enjoy the extra savings and ease of bundled insurance.

The City of Seattle is committed to equitable engagement and inclusion with a commitment to create communities of opportunity for everyone, regardless of race or means. To that end, in March 2017, the city established the Seattle Renters' Commission (Ordinance No. 125280) to represent diverse renter voices across the city. Its purpose is to provide information, advice, and counsel to the Mayor, Seattle City Council, and departments concerning issues and policies affecting renters.

Appointments are made to ensure that varied renter perspectives are represented, including renters from historically underrepresented groups, such as low-income renters, LGBTQ renters, immigrant renters, renters with felony records, those paying rent with assistance, and renters who have experienced homelessness.

The amount of the renters' tax credit will vary according to the relationship between the rent and income, with the maximum allowable credit being $1,000. Those found eligible for a credit as determined by the State Department of Assessments and Taxation will receive a check directly from the State Treasury. Anyone who is found ineligible will be notified in writing and given the reason why.

The Renters' Tax Credit Program provides property tax credits for renters who meet certain requirements. The plan was modeled after and designed to be similar in principle to the Homeowners' Tax Credit Program, which is known to many as the Circuit Breaker Program. The concept rests on the reasoning that renters indirectly pay property taxes as part of their rent and thus should have some protection, as do homeowners.

Conclusions: The financial strain of unaffordable housing is associated with trade-offs that may harm health. Programs that target housing affordability for both renters and homeowners may be an important means for improving health.

If you live with roommates, research the possibility of purchasing a renters insurance policy together. Some policies automatically extend coverage to any resident of a policyholder's household who fits the definition of a "domestic partner." Otherwise, consider carrying separate coverage for each of the adult tenants.

Racial disparities also exist among renters alone. Thirty-eight percent of AIAN renter households, 35% of black renter households, and 28% of Hispanic renter households have extremely low incomes, compared to 22% of white non-Hispanic renter households. Regardless of race, the majority of extremely low-income renters are severely housing cost-burdened: 71.5% of Hispanic, 70.9% of non-Hispanic black, and 69.6% of non-Hispanic white extremely low-income renters. Sixty-three percent of AIAN extremely low-income renters are severely housing cost-burdened, but poor housing conditions like low quality and overcrowding are also significant concerns in tribal areas (Pindus et al., 2017).

White renters are more likely than non-Hispanic black, Hispanic, and AIAN renters to have household incomes greater than 80% of AMI. At the same time, white renters (1.1%) with these higher incomes are more likely to be severely housing cost-burdened than Hispanic renters (0.6%), non-Hispanic black renters (0.3%) and AIAN renters (0.1%) with similar incomes. As a result, the majority (73%) of the 88,000 severely housing cost-burdened middle-income renters and 78% of severely cost-burdened above-median income renters are white. In comparison, the racial distribution is more diverse among severely cost-burdened extremely low-income renters: 43% are white, 26% are black, and 21% are Hispanic.

Disputes between a landlord and a tenant are civil issues. Most landlord and tenant concerns are outside of the authority of the Health Department. These concerns would be ruled on by a civil court judge interpreting the law. There are some programs that support renters.

USAA is No. 1 in our rating of the Best Renters Insurance Companies of 2023. USAA renters insurance is currently offered in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Germany, the U.K., Italy, plus other international locations. Policies start as low as $10 a month for standard coverage. Unlike other insurance companies, USAA includes flood and earthquake coverage in its policies.

Does USAA renters insurance cover mold?Yes, but only if the mold is caused by flooding or water damage. It doesn't cover the removal of existing mold that's not a direct result of excessive rain, flooding, or other water-related incidents.

Does USAA renters insurance cover moving costs?USAA insurance doesn't cover moving costs, but it does cover items that may be damaged during the move. Exceptions are weather-related damage, including damage that occurs when items are in storage.

Does USAA cover college dorm rooms?Yes. USAA renters insurance covers college room dorms. Its policies cover both liability and personal property coverage, but it's possible to choose one or the other to suit your needs.

Yet, as rent continues to climb, the share of renters who need housing support remains stubbornly high, particularly for households of color. Eviction filings have been increasing as moratoria expire and ERA programs close. As of May 2022, of the 31 cities that the Eviction Lab tracks, 11 had filings above 100 percent of the historical average, and 7 of these had closed their emergency rental assistance programs.

As long as we face low housing supply, increasing demand, and resulting increases in rent prices, renters at the lowest income levels will need support to stay stably housed. Such financial support could help offset a host of personal, societal, and governmental costs caused by housing insecurity.

If you are a renting an apartment, condo or house, you should consider buying renters insurance. With premiums averaging $8-21 per month for $20,000 to $30,000 worth of coverage, renters insurance is an affordable way to protect your personal belongings, such as electronics, furniture and clothing, against damage or theft.

Most tenants forego this type of insurance because they assume their landlord already has insurance coverage that will protect them. But it is unlikely for a landlord to maintain renters insurance for the personal possessions of their tenants. Typically, landlords have a policy that only insures the building they own. 041b061a72


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