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Polaris Windows Where To Buy

When shopping for windows I do always suggest finding a great installation company before you fall in love with any particular window model. There are plenty of great window options out there but not as many local companies that are great to work with.

polaris windows where to buy


We are replacing original aluminum sliding windows and have spoken to installers who sell/use Alside Mezzo and Polaris Ulta Weld. Would like a bronze vinyl which both say they have/can do but hubby is leary of Alside because they paint over white, not an extruded color. Help.

Second, if you are beyond the second ownership and the windows are no longer warranted, Polaris can make new insulated glass units or entire new sashes for very little compared to the price of a new window. And since you have so many failed seals, they may be willing to offer you a special consideration to make you happy and to earn a potential long-term customer.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that before you go out and spend any real money correcting this problem, consult with a window contractor you trust to see if there are any problems with the way your windows were installed. Any contractor will tell you that the vast majority of problems with replacement vinyl windows are usually installation-related, especially when dealing with quality products.

I agree these windows are junk. Mine are 10 years old and 50% of the windows have staining inside of the window panes. I tried to call and get replacement panes but they tell me I have to go through the original installer who will not answer my calls. The warranty is worthless. Very disappointed.

the contractor that put my polaris windows in also told me they had 30 year warranty. i have contacted polaris and the only thing they warranty is the glass. you have to pay 35.00 for the sash or hire someone to put the new panes in. that is not what i was told and the warranty said either. i was taught that windows includes sash and pane. polaris sucks. would never ever recommend them to anyone. they are not worth it. when you have 3 windows that you cant even see out of because of the brown mold in between the pains would you be happy. i say not. dont waste your money cause they dont work with you at all. my contractor is now out of business so that would mean i would have to hire someone else to repair them. i am on a very low fixed income. i am 76 years old and this is the worst company i ever had to deal with. it wasnt my choice in the first place. thanks for letting me vent but it is a very bad experience

I had a construction Company work on my house and put new Polaris Windows in for me 4 and a half or 5 years ago. they are double hung and love them except for one thing. the seal in the bathroom window has broken and mold has formed. Also one of my kitchen windows both of the window frames or sindow panes have mold between them. i was told they are warrantied for 30 years. So i called Polaris and they tell me only the window panes themselves is warranteed and i would have to pay 35.00 per sash to have them fixed or i could have them send me new panes and pay someone to put them in the sashes i already have. I am on fixed income and do not have the money to do that. Needless to say the contractor skipped town and cant be found. What do you suggest for me to do. I live in Ohio and they are made in Youngstown i believe.

I have a 1927 home with single psne glass windows with storms on. I am looking at Polaris Thermaweld ( $7,500-7,800) windows vs SoftLite Barrington ( hugely more expensive at $11,300). For about 20-22 windows.Advice on window quality justifying price difference. And how to judge installation quality. Companies always say theirs is best.

I think the two Polaris windows are better designed in terms of the frame concept (which is cleaner and simpler), they have better balance covers by a mile offering increased sash-travel, and they both score much lower wind infiltration numbers. Alside Mezzo leaks air at about .17 CFM and the two Polaris windows are .06 and .08 which are industry-leading numbers for inexpensive windows.

Cale, I just had 24 UWD (Polaris Thermalweld) double hung windows with grids, super spacers, and Innergy inserts installed for $10,200. Is that a good price? The company says the windows normally go for $900 apiece, but we all know how those claims go.

If your windows are collecting condensation on the interior glass surface when your A/C is on then this may indicate a more serious non-window problem as A/C dehumidifies your home making it very difficult for windows to fog up.

Purchased Polaris Ultraweld windows this summer from a long standing, reputable company here in Cincinnati. Can already tell improvement with the A/C and sound. Waiting to see what the winter bring. I believe it is a fine window, but the excellent installation goes a long way in making it effective.

Among the better consumer brands, performance is really quite similar now as the overall quality and performance of modern windows has gotten better and better. I think the best way to decide is on looks and value. I encourage you to have your contractor demo any window before you buy. They look, feel and operate differently and that matters to some people.

Hi Cale,Can you tell me the difference between Wallside Windows and Polaris Ultra weld products. I have 12 windows, 6 foot slide and a 9 foot slide. I have received quotes from both and want to get your thoughts.

i have polaris door wall installed 7 years ago and now lines and fog within glass. have tried emailing polaris several times and no reply the is no phone number.Can someone help me with contacting warranty

My daughter has a bedford stone home and needs to replace a large picture window that a single panes. She wants 3 double hung in that space. 7 single window and a small double hung over the sink in the kitchen. Would Polaris be a product what could be used in a bedford stone home. How would they install Windows in this type of home. The current windows are the original single paned Windows from 1960. Help please. She lives by seymour Indiana.

Hi, I am looking at replacing 13 windows and have had several sales people give me there presentations. I am leaning towards the Polaris Thermalweld Plus or Joyce Insulator window. I am thinking they are comparable based on price but am looking at dependability if ever needing replacement or repair. And which hold up better in the long haul. For 13 windows I was quoted $7600 for the Polaris and $7900 for the Joyce windows.