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August Lazarev
August Lazarev

Pinball Fx2 All Tables Crackl __FULL__

If you're willing to say ditch hyperpin and go fully pinball fx2, (or build a 2nd cabinet for this purpose), then you can have this boot up to metro, only have pinball fx available, hit enter to start it, and use the four buttons above to select games, navigate all menus, and even change in game settings. I even used joytokey to translate my analog nudge controls into key presses that pinball fx2 accepts and set joytokey to autorun.

Pinball Fx2 All Tables Crackl

There are currently a slew of games, maybe 20 or so. More will be coming. I bought them all. As for the quality, there really is no comparison between this and visual pinball or future pinball. The physics are really good. Shots go where you'd expect off the flippers and it even implements ball spin well. Most tables have 4-5 ramps, several lower (hidden) playfields you have to get to, changing ambiance such as moving characters, night to day transitions, etc. It's really pretty awesome.

As far as a single cabinet that integrates both, it will be hard. You could add future pinball pretty easily. It actually supports non rotated 1080x1920 resolution in arcade mode. Visual pinball would probably do ok in this also if all the tables were redone lol. As it stands, you'd have to script rotating the monitor when hyperpin launches and exit hyperpin to go to pinball fx. It could definitely be done.

Visually it's very impressive and much more enjoyable in a cabinet with flippers (with feedback) than playing on an Xbox. I thought the physics are good, but for me not as the good average VP table, nor as good as Farsight's PA. Having said that these tables are fantasy based so it isn't as issue have slightly unrealistic ball behaviour. I also turned off the ball trails that seem to be in every video I have seen of Pinball FX2.

All in all it is a nice addition to the cabinet and it shows what a nice lighting system can look like. VP is still superior for me in terms of realism and table choice, however I will definitely buy more FX2 W8 tables.

As for the physics, I think there is no comparison between visual pinball and pinball fX2. Pinball fx2 physics blow it away. The flipper physics in vp are very bad. In pb fx, the ball goes where you expect it to go.You can live catch and the physics engine takes ball spin into account. Yes, the game plays very arcadish, but the physics are really great. Also way better than farsight's.

To be reporting a FTDI device your installation of Director Output FrameWork (DOF) R3 must be returning valid devices, and even the serial number. I am struggling as to how the DOF would report this if you do not have a device of some sort connected that uses a FTDI chip. Do you have any other USB devices connected that are seemingly unrelated to pinball? Perhaps look in device manager? Perhaps unplug both the Teensy and Ardurino and see what is detected? Ultimately its not a problem to DOFLinx operation provided you don't try and address device #2.

Great find. I have just added a new command line parameter to allow you to disable the testing for FTDI devices. You will see a new version of DOFLinx uploaded in the next couple of days. The reason I have done this is FTDI based devices are driven by software that doesn't share well. If you have a device using a FTDI chip that is not pinball related, I'd hate DOFLinx to interfere with it.


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