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Watch and Record Live TV on Your PC with the Best TV Tuner Software for Windows 7

i have tried to install the software on a windows 8.1 machine, but it always shows the message "this program is not responding". i tried to re-install several times, but still no go. any ideas? i can view the channels fine on windows 7 and windows 10. thanks

tv tuner software download windows 7


the sony hdr-dvx200 can be used with windows media center. it does not have a tuner built in but does have an hdmi port. it also has a 2.5mm audio input jack and a usb 2.0 port. connect the sony to the tv with the cable included in the package. the screen will not activate unless you plug the power cord in, and it will not recognize the hdmi port. once the sony is plugged in, you can go to the tv menu and select the sony. you will need to register the sony. you will need to use the 'register' option to enter in the date, time and location of your house. once completed, you can go to the 'advanced settings' and set up the tv. you will need to select the 'manual setup' option. after this is setup, it will automatically be connected to the tv.

the wintv-pvr-250 will not work in media center in windows vista or 7 unless you install a version of windows xp media center edition. this version is not available for download from microsoft. once installed you will see an option in the installation that will let you choose between the wintv-pvr-250 or the wintv-pvr-300. the wintv-pvr-250 will not work with tv live until you install the wintv-pvr-300. you can select the wintv-pvr-300 in the installation.

  • hi, can you please help. when i run the updater it says there is no update available. i have checked the web site and i am able to download it. i have done the following: checked the internet connection

  • made sure i was on the correct version

  • downloaded the software and ran the installer

  • i have done all these checks and i still get the error message


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