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Buy Restaurant Tables

Nestled in the heart of historic Alexandria, Virginia, Zikrayet is an authentic Lebanese cuisine restaurant that aims to bring a little slice of the Middle East to the shores of America. With a vibrant atmosphere, live music, and high-quality menus for both cocktails and food, Zikrayet offers a truly unique dining experience and something excitingly outside the norm for a social scene.

buy restaurant tables

Affordable Seating provides a variety of contract furniture for use in commercial settings. Whether you need to buy restaurant furniture to replace your existing booths, tables and chairs, are preparing for a grand opening or need restaurant patio furniture, Affordable Seating has a number of styles to fit any decor and need. Our products are all constructed of high-quality materials and made with expert craftsmanship, so they will stand the test of time.

Browse our selection of furniture for restaurants by category through the links above, or read our privacy policy, shipping options and about us section to find out more about Affordable Seating. As a leading online supplier of restaurant tables and chairs, we know exactly what our customers are looking for and have the experience to know every detail about how to make your purchase go as smoothly as possible.

Make sure your customers get the best first impression of your business by choosing the right restaurant furniture for your brand. Our selection of restaurant seating has a variety of options, including chairs, bar stools, booths, and more so you can offer your customers a comfortable place to relax. Pair your seating with a sturdy restaurant table to complete the look of your business. You can also fully furnish a sports bar with our sports-themed furniture. Whether you own a cafe, restaurant, or bar, your furniture is just as important as the food you serve when attempting to create a positive overall experience. By offering everything from made-to-order foodservice layouts to carefully curated collections of furniture, we help you transform your business into an experience.

Serving the food and hospitality industry nationwide for over a decade, we are the leading distributor of commercial-grade contract furniture and are one of the top bar restaurant furniture suppliers. We design and manufacture restaurant seating made of premium materials. All of which is built for lasting comfort and durability in even the most rigorous commercial environments.

Many of our products are made in the USA - This means you can buy high quality items built by skilled American craftsmen. Some of our commercial seating such as our solid wood tables and chairs are made right here in Indiana and undergo strict testing to ensure they meet stringent industry standards.

Whether you own a casual cafe or a fine dining establishment, restaurant tables are essential components of your space. These tables complete your dining area and come in numerous types, shapes, and sizes to accommodate a variety of decor styles. You can choose tops with eye-catching texture to add visual interest to your space or select more neutral options to let other components of your decor stand out.

For event venues or multi-purpose spaces, we carry folding tables and table carts, trucks, and dollies to help you break down your space after your meal concludes. We also offer banquet tables that are perfect for events like wedding receptions, fundraisers, and holiday parties. Additionally, when you need to maintain your existing restaurant dining tables, we carry table parts and accessories to increase the life span of your furniture.

Most restaurants have preferred seating by the windows, booth seating, or tables with extra privacy. Once these seats are filled, how can you make the rest of your seating as appealing as possible?

Undesirable tables tend to be near the bathroom, front door, wait station, or other loud, high traffic areas. By building additional walls or adding large plants, you can block out noise and traffic while creating cozy and private areas throughout your restaurant.

COVID-19 restrictions have created additional challenges for restaurants, and regulations may vary by state, county, and city. Guidelines and links to state and local health guidelines can be found at the CDC website.

In the age when restaurants are promoted on social media, the look and feel of your restaurant is more important than ever. New customers may be drawn to your restaurant just because they like the ambiance of your space displayed in photos posted on Instagram, Facebook, or Yelp.

Guests dining in a fast casual restaurant generally do not stay for long, and the comfort level of seating is not that important. For those establishments the focus will be more about durability. On the other hand, fine dining guests may sit for over an hour, and attention needs to be paid to selecting chairs that are comfortable for a long period of time.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some restaurants are using pods or igloos to create individual seating areas. Most are providing as much outdoor seating as possible. Furniture selected for patios and rooftops needs to be weather-resistant. These areas may also need additional accessories like heat lamps for cold weather, and umbrellas to protect guests from sun and rain.

Following these guidelines, you can make a thoughtful, strategic design for your restaurant and wise purchasing decisions. With a bit of research and planning you can feel confident you are selecting furniture that will be comfortable, functional, long-lasting, and will integrate well with your theme.

At Trent Furniture, we have been supplying restaurant furniture to UK restaurants and hospitality industries for many years. In the process, we have developed an extensive range of commercial restaurant furniture and a range which includes products for every kind of interior and budget.

Our expansive range includes Squareback, Washington and Boston chairs and tall bar stools, Abbruzzo leather dining chairs ... > Read More Restaurant FurnitureAt Trent Furniture, we have been supplying restaurant furniture to UK restaurants and hospitality industries for many years. In the process, we have developed an extensive range of commercial restaurant furniture and a range which includes products for every kind of interior and budget.

Our expansive range includes Squareback, Washington and Boston chairs and tall bar stools, Abbruzzo leather dining chairs and Shaker tables. Our Boston, Washington and Squareback wooden chairs and tall bar stools are manufactured to the highest standards, using top quality European beech hardwood made in a European factory that has been producing contract furniture for over 50 years.

The elegant curved back of our restaurant chairs is made by steam bending, allowing the leg and back to be made in one continuous piece of timber giving a much stronger chair than those made by joined timber parts. We can supply these chairs in three colours: dark oak, walnut or light oak finish, so you can choose the style best suited to give your room the attractive aspect that your customers desire. We can supply either hardwood seat chairs, or chairs with a wide choice of upholstery colours and patterns in Tweed, Dralon or Flatwoven fabrics; because we upholster in house, we can also use customers' own fabric. We use the highest quality UK manufactured combustion modified foam fillings, and all our fabrics comply with UK fire safety standards.

Contemporary restaurant furniture trends have taken on a funky twist in recent years with the growth of American diner style cuisine and other similar restaurant furniture styles reflecting a fun retro look. For contract restaurant furniture in the most up to date modern styles, Trent Furniture stand head and shoulders above other restaurant furniture companies for range and price, so browse our range and order today!

Restaurant chairs from Trent Furniture can cost from between 37.90 to 124.90. These are the starting prices for these items. Restaurant tables start at 41.90 and increase as the tables get bigger and more complex in their designs. For other items of furniture, such as waiter tables and diner benches, the prices can be higher. A waiter table can start at 239.90 and an American diner bench is available from 235.50.

  • If you want to create a high-end look without a big budget, try adding one or two standout pieces to your dining room and filling in the rest of the space with affordable alternatives. Sideboards and buffets are a great place to spend money, because they add a lot of interest to the room without requiring multiple coordinating pieces, such as dining room tables or chairs. You can also make them the focal point of your dining room with art and decor."}},"@type": "Question","name": "How do you buy a good dining room table?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Look for high-quality materials and construction. Solid wood is always a good investment, because it will last longer than cheaper options. It almost always looks better, too. You should also consider how big you need your table to be. Many tables are extendable with added leaves. You can use the table in its smaller configuration for day-to-day dining but add seating for a bigger family meal.","@type": "Question","name": "What furniture goes in a dining room?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "The foundation furniture in a dining room is a dining room table and chairs. Sets often include between four and eight chairs, depending on the size of the table. Additional furniture that can make your dining room more functional and stylish include sideboards, buffets, china cabinets, and bar carts. A beautiful dining room can be large or small, but should be inviting for those sitting down to a meal together."]}]}] .icon-garden-review-1fill:#b1dede.icon-garden-review-2fill:none;stroke:#01727a;stroke-linecap:round;stroke-linejoin:round > buttonbuttonThe Spruce The Spruce's Instagram The Spruce's TikTok The Spruce's Pinterest The Spruce's Facebook NewslettersClose search formOpen search formSearch DecorRoom Design

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