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August Lazarev
August Lazarev

Download HOT! File The Chess Endgame Exercise Book.pdf

Each chapter deals with a particular type of endgame and features dozens of exercises, with solutions that highlight the key points. For each endgame we are given tips on the themes that are most important and the strategies for both sides. The book ends with a series of test papers that enable you to assess your progress and identify the areas that need further work.

Download File The Chess Endgame Exercise Book.pdf


This is not science but can be used as a guide. I plan to make two books (one book on the opening/middlegame and one on the endgame) for each step with 1000 puzzles in each. If I succeed, The Tactical Ladder series will be 16 books and contain 16,000 puzzles. I have decided to make the intermediate books (1400-1600 FIDE rating) first and then we will see how it goes. This will, to my knowledge, be the largest chess puzzle collection ever published in print (if I succeed). It will also give the reader a chance to find a book that fits perfectly, not too hard, not too easy.

Puzzle selectionThe book contains 10 chapters with 100 puzzles in each. Each chapter has a specific theme, while the last chapter is a test with mixed puzzles. The Endgame books will focus on the motifs that occur in the relationship between the pieces, e.g. tactical patterns that occur in Rook endgames. The middlegame and opening books will focus more on specific motifs like forks, pins, skewers, defensive moves, and so on. To sort out bad puzzles I have used the Lichess data. The user upvotes and downvotes each puzzle after each try. The puzzle is then given a popularity rating. Lichess writes the following:\u201CPopularity is a number between 100 (best) and -100 (worst). It is calculated as (upvotes - downvotes)/(upvotes + downvotes), although votes are weighted by various factors such as whether the puzzle was solved successfully or the solver's puzzle rating in comparison to the puzzle's\u201D.2For this volume, I have only included puzzles that meet the following requirements: 041b061a72


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