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August Lazarev
August Lazarev

House Plants.7z

For Windstad, Heljarchen & Lakeview: Walkable defense walls, 5 usable towers, 10 guards per house, Auto-Outfitting mannequins set player-designed guard uniforms, Magic portals to Winterhold College, "Outdoor" armory/shops/tavern/, Guest Management system assigns beds & local activities for followers, Random dragon/bandit attacks, Merchants

house plants.7z

Download File:

Cool mountain mornings make walks through the gardens a truly delightful experience. The annual summer install is complete and tropical plants that spent the winter months inside greenhouses are now outside for everyone to enjoy.

(I will repeat that first yellow warning in more words here: You need to build EVERYTHING on the Lakeview Manor before activating my mod, that includes the house, wings, interiors and all the upgrades the steward provides such as cow, horse, carriage driver, chickens,...You can choose to skip certain upgrades like interiors in case you want to use other mods for that, or cows/chickens/horse if you simply don't like those, just DON'T try to build anything anymore once my mod is enabled.Basically you need to construct the entire manor through the bench in the exterior, then all the benches in the interiors and then the upgrades from the steward.All of this begins if you start doing quests for the Jarl of Falkreath.Only after this is done you should activate the mod and start upgrading through Nagra the little dragon in the villa, you can still activate/de-activate any of my upgrades through the dragon, but you should NEVER use those original benches or steward anymore.Failing to heed my advice and activating my mod before you have that lakeview manor finished can result in the following bugs, such as not being able to buy lumber, not being able to hire a steward, not being able to advance through the "build lakeview" quests, certain original upgrades never becoming visible and the lakeview map marker not showing up.So again, if you start a new game, DE-ACTIVATE my mod and build the original lakeview manor first!)

Edit 3: Yes, this mod does not modify anything interior. They can sleep, but housecarl Rayya or one child cant sleep, because there is only 6 bed not seven. I used My home is your home mod, and now Rayya is sleeping outside, behind the house, where the pool is with a bar with bed. If I see this correct, none of the npc-s are using this bed. And I picked the Azura Shrine's follower woman (not remember her name) to the alchemy section (door is in the big building nearby the training area), because after the quest she mentioned she wont have more visions from Azura and she is now lonely, would like to follow me if I want, moreover she is sleeping in a camp in a cold place. There was always a free bed during the night, so now she sleeps here. If I am correct, there is always one free bed in the guest/farm house too during the night, so maybe I can command one other follower to sleep there.

This is the greatest mod I know, unfortunately I cant use Lakeview Manor as is it should be mod because I already built the house, and didnt find any other mod which would be compatible with Anniversay Lakeview Manor interior. But I think the manor was OK, only the exterior needed excatly the same thing which you added!! Congrats for this perfect work!

Maybe the only thing would be good is to add some free bed for custom followers in the farm house, or underground, or anywhere else. Maybe an optional follower's tower instead of prison?

Anyway, LAkeview Manor as it should be in my humble opinion is one of the best house upgrade mods out there, thank you. It would be nice to see upgrades like this for some of the other vanilla homes.

Its verdant green foliage has a natural glossy sheen throughout the year making this classic East African stunner an essential houseplant, especially for those space where everything else struggles to survive, as they are tolerant of a wide range of conditions from low light, dry air and inconsistent watering. 041b061a72


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