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the sheet metal module provides several types of shear deformation analyses. sheet metal shear deformation analysis uses a numerical method for determining the shear stress as a function of the shear strain and the sheet metal thickness. the analysis can be applied to either a plane-strain or plane-stress situation. these situations are relevant to a number of engineering situations, including cylinder heads and valve covers. further, both homogeneous and heterogeneous shear analyses are included. the sheet metal module also includes a finite element method (fem) design tool that allows you to create 2d and 3d solid models. you can refine an initial design using the design tool and any of the supported analyses. a round-trip fem analysis for fatigue-damage analyses is also included.

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the assembly tab allows you to assemble and deform solid bodies while providing a reference point as well as compatibility and variance checking. this tab includes application to cylinder and plate analyses. the assembly tab utilizes ansi standard standards for assembly. the assembly tab is not a creation tool like some other popular packages. the tab offers automated assembly operations for beams, plates, shells, columns, t-girders, and piping.

the civil vb works by combining conventional finite element analysis methods to simulate the behavior of a two-dimensional building shell with a variety of building types. the resulting data can be used in conventional finite element analyses (fea) or incorporated into building information modeling (bim) formats. using the civil vb, you can quickly and easily develop building definitions for bim applications. the civil vb is used to optimize building geometry and define building response during earthquakes and other events.


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