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Aaron Allen

Daymak Drive 7.0 APK: A Must-Have App for Daymak Ebike Owners

it does work but when the bluetooth icon on the cell phone is on and when you have the bike on click the daymak drive app and some times there will be two things to click on one it will say daymak drive click that dont click on ghe sdcond one with just rings then it should work

download daymak drive 7.0 apk

Download apk:

Buy an emmo. I had an emmo but it didnt work in the rain sometimes so i bought a daymak. Within a week part of the frame came off, it didnt work in very light rain, and the app is near impossible to figure out. Daymak eagle goes about 10 km less range and 10 km slower than emmo. Not happy!


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