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If you really want to learn to say khichdi right, say it like most Indians do: "khitch-dee." It is a delightfully explosive, even onomatopoeic sound that conveys the rustic nature of this dish and the fact that this is a hodgepodge of sorts: a delicious and much loved melange with no pedigree nor defined ingredients.

I use a combination of rice and two variety of lentils (dals) - moong dal and arhar/ toor dal. I love this combination the best because both the dals cook down to mix well with the rice. This version is more like a porridge, instead of grains which are separate. And that's the beauty of khichdi - because everything breaks down so well, it's really easy to digest, but can keep you feeling full longer. I love adding diced carrots, beans, potatoes, cauliflower and green peas to make this a vegetarian khichdi and topping it with extra ghee. Unless you are vegan, don't skip the ghee. It'll melt all over and glisten and make every bite extra delicious. It also goes really well with cucumber raita and aloo fry(I've shared my quick recipe the in notes).


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