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Working Mothers

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Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen

Survey Bypass Direct __FULL__ Download Password.txt

Attention: The list fields found in the page title are also available as extra fields in the survey response. If you choose to embed them in the XM directory, you must include the fields in your XM directory definition of the survey response and prevent each field from being blank in the response. If you choose to use embedded fields within your survey response, you will not be able to use the page title section in your analysis. SurveyRS Core is not flexible enough to accommodate the use of both page titles and embedded data.

survey bypass direct download password.txt

Download File:

Attention: Once you turn on the Password Monitor option, your respondents identifying information is hidden. If this setting was turned on before a response was recorded, that responses identifying information will never be retrievable. If this setting was turned on after a response was recorded, the responses identifying information will be retrievable. Proceed with caution! Note, if you have XM Directory, survey invite information will always be available in the contacts touchpoint timeline. Turning on Password Monitor will prevent the survey response from showing in the timeline. Appending embedded data fields from XM Directory to a survey response may result in the survey response no longer being anonymous.

Enabling this policy results in the anonymous policy being applied to the website, regardless of whether the user is logged in. To prevent an unauthenticated user from bypassing the survey, the anonymous policy overrides the DefaultPolicy.


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