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Download Hum Hain Bemisal 2 Full Movie in 1080p: Everything You Need to Know

Hum Hain Bemisal 2 Full Movie Download 1080p: A Guide for Movie Lovers

If you are a fan of action movies, you might be interested in watching Hum Hain Bemisal 2, the sequel to the 1994 hit film Hum Hain Bemisaal. The movie features Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Shilpa Shirodkar, and Madhoo in the lead roles, reprising their characters from the original film. The movie is directed by Deepak Bahry and produced by Pran Sikand.

Hum Hain Bemisal 2 Full Movie Download 1080p

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the movie, its plot, cast, and release date. We will also tell you why you should watch it and how you can download it in full HD quality. However, we will also warn you about the risks of downloading movies from illegal sources and urge you to respect the law and the artists' rights.

What is Hum Hain Bemisal 2?

Hum Hain Bemisal 2 is an action thriller movie that follows the story of Michael, a hitman who faces betrayal from his employer when he decides to retire after one last job. He then joins forces with Inspector Vijay, his friend's son, to confront the gangsters who are out to kill him. Along the way, they also have to protect Marya, a blind woman who is Michael's love interest, and Didi, Vijay's sister who is also involved with the underworld.

Plot summary

The movie begins with a flashback of how Michael (Suniel Shetty) saved Vijay (Akshay Kumar) from drowning when he was a child. Vijay's father, Kishan (Raj Tilak), was a police officer who was killed by Tootie Shah (Rami Reddy), a notorious gangster. Michael was Kishan's friend and colleague, who was framed for his murder by Tootie Shah and sent to jail. There, he met D'Souza (Pran), another cop who was falsely accused of corruption. D'Souza took care of Vijay's education and upbringing while Michael was in prison.

Years later, Michael is released from jail and becomes a hitman for Darshan Bagga (Arun Bakshi), a rival of Tootie Shah. He is assigned to kill Kaliya (Avtar Gill), Tootie Shah's right-hand man. However, he finds out that Kaliya is actually his brother, who was separated from him in childhood. He decides to spare his life and retire from his profession. He also falls in love with Marya (Madhoo), a blind woman who runs an orphanage.

Meanwhile, Vijay grows up to be an honest and brave police officer, who often clashes with Tootie Shah and his men. He also has a sister, Didi (Shilpa Shirodkar), who is unaware of his past and works as a dancer in Tootie Shah's club. She is in love with Tutisha (Gavin Packard), Tootie Shah's nephew.

When Bagga finds out that Michael has betrayed him, he orders his men to kill him. Michael escapes with Marya and seeks Vijay's help. Vijay recognizes him as his savior and agrees to protect him. He also reunites him with D'Souza, who is now a retired commissioner. They decide to expose Tootie Shah and Bagga's crimes and bring them to justice.

However, things get complicated when Didi is kidnapped by Tutisha, who wants to marry her against her will. Vijay and Michael rescue her and reveal the truth about Tootie Shah and Tutisha to her. They also discover that Marya is actually the daughter of Kishan, who was separated from Vijay during the attack that killed their father. Marya regains her eyesight after a surgery and recognizes Tootie Shah as the killer of her father.

The movie reaches a climax when Vijay, Michael, D'Souza, Marya, and Didi confront Tootie Shah, Bagga, Kaliya, and Tutisha in a warehouse. A fierce gunfight ensues, in which D'Souza and Kaliya are killed. Vijay and Michael manage to overpower and kill Tootie Shah, Bagga, and Tutisha. They then celebrate their victory and happiness with their loved ones.

Cast and crew

The movie has an ensemble cast of talented actors who have delivered impressive performances. Here is a list of the main cast and crew members of Hum Hain Bemisal 2:




Akshay Kumar


Suniel Shetty




Shilpa Shirodkar



Tootie Shah

Rami Reddy

Darshan Bagga

Arun Bakshi


Avtar Gill b70169992d


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