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[S6E7] And The Sophie Doll

The girls take a bartending class in order to add cocktails to their dessert bar menu, but Caroline is forced to take the class exam alone when Max gets chicken pox from Han. Meanwhile, Sophie introduces a creepy lookalike video monitor doll to keep tabs on baby Barbara, which unsettles everyone.

[S6E7] And the Sophie Doll

Directory: D:\TV Series\2 Broke Girls\Season 62 Broke Girls - s6e1 to e2 - And The Two Openings (1), And The Two Openings(2).mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e3 - And the 80's Movie.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e4 - And the Godmama Drama.avi2 Broke Girls - s6e5 - And The College Experience.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e6 - And the Rom-Commie.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e7 - And The Sophie Doll.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e8 - And The Duck Stamp.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e9 - And The About Facetime.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e10 - And the Himmicane.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e11 - And the Planes, Fingers And Automobiles.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e12 - And the Riverboat Runs Through It.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e13 - And the Stalking Dead.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e14 - And the Emergency Contractor.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e15 - And the Turtle Sense.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e16 - And the Tease Time.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e17 - And the Jessica Shmessica.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e18 - And the Dad Day Afternoon.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e19 - And The Baby and Other Things.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e20 - And the Alley-Oops.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e21 - And The Rock Me On The Dais.mkv2 Broke Girls - s6e22 - And 2 Broke Girls The Movie.mkv

Arriving in King's Landing, Sansa's enmity towards Arya and her father continues. Eddard fails to mollify Sansa by buying her a doll as she had outgrown dolls. Eddard explains to Arya that Sansa could not defy Joffrey or go against his version of events if Sansa wished to maintain his goodwill in marriage.[14]

Sansa finds her cousin Robert Arryn (in the show he is called "Robin") pitiful and repulsive. After the incident with the snow castle, she thinks angrily that even Joffrey had more spine than Robert. Still, after Lysa's death, Sansa feels sorry for him and treats him patiently as she can. At one occasion, he demands "a hundred lemon cakes and five tales", Sansa's patience nearly runs out and she feels like giving him "a hundred spankings and five slaps", but restrains herself (unlike in the show). Robert, who has no idea of "Alayne"'s true identity, initially declares he hates her for ripping his doll, but after Lysa's death he forms a strong attachment to her, even sleeping in her bed at night as he used to do in his mother's. Sansa wouldn't have minded if he only slept, but since he tries to nuzzle at her breasts and wets the bed during his seizures - she asks Lothor Brune to lock his door.

It has yet to be seen how and when the second part of the prophecy comes true; it is doubtful the prophecy refers to the scene involving Sansa, Robert Arryn and his doll, and the snow castle (the parallel show scene takes place in "Mockingbird"). 041b061a72


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