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How Can Valorant Be Reversed

Valorant suffered from server instability issues earlier this week and many players have been banned despite Riot Games being at fault. Riot Games posted on its social media account that players who have been incorrectly banned due to the recent server outage can request their bans to be reverted. Players can submit tickets at the official Riot Games support portal to get their bans reverted if they are eligible. Reversals are applicable if you were genuinely affected by the server outages as accounts are likely to be manually reviewed when putting in ban appeals. Here is how you can submit a ticket and get your ban reversed by Riot Games.

How can valorant be reversed

The results of a recent competitive Valorant match have been reversed due to one player's use of a Cypher camera exploit. Riot Games' first-person hero shooter allows players to choose between a wide range of unique Agents while also purchasing different weapons between rounds. Since its launch in June 2020, Valorant has built a large esports tournament community, largely thanks to the title's fast-paced and strategic gameplay. 041b061a72


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