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If you recently bought a site that had pre-existing security issues, fix the issues listed in the Security Issues report, then let us know in your reconsideration request that you recently acquired the site and that it now adheres to the spam policies for Google web search.


Google SafeBrowsing displays warnings to users based on the browsing context. Therefore you may or may not be able to reproduce the warnings. However, you should rely on the Security Issues report as the source of truth to verify whether any security issues exist for your site, or if they have been fixed.

Read the hacked guide for a complete fix flow for your site, including cleanup steps and tips for preventing your site from being hacked again. When ready to clean your site , you can either replace affected files with the last good backup or you can remove the spammy content yourself. Use antivirus software to scan the binaries and other content hosted on your site. Antivirus software finds many types of malware and unwanted software but, unfortunately, not all types. Submitting your software to an anti-virus program (or an anti-virus consolidation service, such as VirusTotal) will give you an indicator of potential issues with your software. Google Safe Browsing applies its own criteria to determine whether a program or binary is unwanted software or malware.

The Manual Actions report lists issues with a page or site that are mostly attempts to manipulate our search index, but are not necessarily dangerous for users. Most issues reported here will result in pages or site being ranked lower or omitted from search results without any visual indication to the user.

Developers want to focus on code, not update issues. We get it! Open DevOps makes it easier to do both regardless of the tools you use. Now developers can stay focused and the business can stay aligned.

NHGRI is committed to driving the responsible use of genomics in society in order to advance knowledge and ensure that genomics benefits the health of all humans. To do this, we consider the ethical, legal, and social aspect of genomics research in our work, including these key issues.

The mandate of the Special Rapporteur on minority issues was established in resolution 2005/79 by the Commission on Human Rights on 21 April 2005. The mandate was subsequently renewed by the Human Rights Council in its resolutions 7/6 of 27 March 2008, 16/6 of 24 March 2011, 25/5 of 28 March 2014 and 34/6 of 23 March 2017. Resolution 34/6 renews the mandate under the same terms as provided by resolution 25/5.

The mandate of the Special Rapporteur complements and enhances the work of other UN bodies and mechanisms that address minority rights and minority issues, including the Forum on Minority Issues.

Freedom House works to defend human rights and promote democratic change, with a focus on political rights and civil liberties. We act as a catalyst for freedom through a combination of analysis, advocacy, and action. Our analysis, focused on 13 central issues, is underpinned by our international program work. Browse our work and analysis by issue below.

Before you can use this macro, your Confluence and Jira application must be connected via Application Links. People viewing the page will see the publicly accessible issues from the Jira site. If your Jira site has restricted viewing (that is, people need permission to view issues) then they will need to authenticate before seeing the restricted issues.

You can choose to display the number of issues returned by your search, rather than a table of issues. The Jira Issues macro will display a count of issues, linked to the search in your Jira application.

If the Jira site allows anonymous users to view issues, you must configure an application link, but there's no need to configure any incoming or outgoing authentication between the Jira application and Confluence. People viewing the Confluence page will see the publicly accessible issues.

If your Jira site has restricted viewing, or if some projects or issues are restricted to viewing by certain people, then people will be prompted to Log in & Approve before seeing the restricted issues.

Formatted fields from Jira can be displayed in Confluence if you set up a Confluence-to-Jira application link. Otherwise, such formatted fields will be escaped within the output of the Jira issues macro. This is to prevent the possibility of malicious HTML being served by an untrusted Jira server. The most likely field where you will notice this is in the description field.

If this parameter is set to 'true', your Jira application will return only the issues which allow unrestricted viewing. That is, the issues which are visible to anonymous viewers. If this parameter is omitted or set to 'false', then the results depend on how your administrator has configured the communication between the Jira application and Confluence. By default, Confluence will show only the issues which the user is authorized to view.

The macro maintains a cache of the issues which result from the Jira query. If the 'cache' parameter is set to 'off', the relevant part of the cache is cleared each time the macro is reloaded. (The value 'false' also works and has the same effect as 'off'.)

You can customize the title text at the top of the issues table with this parameter. For instance, setting the title to 'Bugs-to-fix' will replace the default 'Jira Issues' text. This can help provide more context to the list of issues displayed.

Note: If the URL in the 'url' parameter does not contain a tempMax argument, then the value of tempMax will default to 500. If your Jira server is version 3.12 or earlier, this means that the Jira Issues macro will return a maximum of 500 issues. If your Jira server is version 3.13 or later, a value of 500 means that the Jira Issues macro will return a maximum of 500 issues per page.

Find information on known issues and the status of the Windows 11, version 21H2 rollout. For immediate help with Windows update issues, use the Get Help app in Windows or go to Follow @WindowsUpdate on Twitter for Windows release health updates.

APHA works to improve access to care, bring about health equity and support public health infrastructure. Public health is a broad field. We focus on the most important problems and solutions of our time. Check back often to see what topics and issues we're working on. 041b061a72


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